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Report Release: Building a Environmental Data Hub to Drive Innovation

We’re excited today to announce the publication of a report we completed as commission from the UK’s Digital Catapult into the challenges and opportunities for unlocking innovation using environmental data. The project consisted of in-depth data analysis, market research, technical feasibility due diligence and a 1/2 day stakeholder workshop including over 30 participant organisations. One of the most exciting findings was the actual validation of demand for more environmental data and the need to harmonise access around clear metadata to make it more easily useful. We were thrilled to have participation from so many organisations across a range of industries from technology start-ups to large insurance firms, public sector bodies to construction firms, and non-profits to funding organisations. See below for the entire report and read the Digital Catapult’s press release here. We believe the better information flow will unlock the innovation needed to tackle the chall...


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