“Act on CO2″ campaign launches, powered by AMEE


Today marks the launch of the UK Government’s “Act on CO2calculator: a country-wide initiative designed to help both raise awareness, and promote action, on personal CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

The AMEE team have been working with Government for the past 6 months to populate AMEE with all the official data. Act on CO2 uses AMEE for calculations and profiling.

This marks a major step in the development of the AMEE project, which we set out to build nearly 2 years ago. Our initial ambition was to create the right framework to enable standards to emerge, while providing transparency and accessibility to both data and the underlying methodologies.

We are delighted that the Government has engaged with the project in such a pro-active and supportive way, and that more than 25 other organisations are now working on their own integrations with the platform – including some of the largest organisations in the world. We will post more details here as and when other projects launch.

Thanks go to the Defra teams, The Climate Group, The RSA, Global Cool, Herefordshire Council and many others who have helped nurture this project into fruition.

I would like to congratulate and thank our core development team: Andrew, Anna, Anthony, Chris, Diggory, Marcus, and others, for their sterling work in creating AMEE.

Looking forward to the next phase!

Gavin Starks, CEO, AMEE

Act On CO2 screenshot Act On CO2 screenshot

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