AMEE methodology wiki launches

AMEE is all about open data.

However, numbers in isolation are not always meaningful.

By creating a data wiki, we hope to encourage the following;

1) Increase the transparency of the data
2) Provide an understanding of how the numbers were calculated
3) Encourage debate around the data – there are many complex issues that need to be argued about
4) Encourage more governments, industry, organisations and individuals to open up the data by helping source/supply it
5) Make it more collaborative and fun! What would you like to add?

The data wiki has a page for each data category in AMEE. It contains information on the source of the data, assumptions implicit within it, and samples of live AMEE data (via the API) tabulated for easy-reference.

There are also several pages of background information providing useful advice on how you can use AMEE to build a carbon/CO2 calculator.

As with all wikis, the AMEE wiki text can be edited by anyone and comments and questions about the data can be raised in the discussion page. However, given the importance of the data, we will not be allowing direct, free-for-all modification of any data at this time. We do want to encourage all debate and if you are an authoritative data source, or can clearly demonstrate better science, we will want to talk about adding your data to the wiki.

AMEE is the best way we have thought of so far to create a standard for CO2 data. We need your help to make it one.

Update November 2009: We have recently launched AMEE Explorer in its beta phase. This goes some way to replacing the wiki in terms of enabling AMEE data and algorithms to be searched with ease. If you would like to suggest a data-set that you can’t find, please get in touch.

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