Torchbox joins AMEE

Torchbox logo

Since AMEE launched our we’ve had a lot of interest and positive feedback about our plans. The first web agency to formally sign up to the project is Torchbox. They have a great team and “get it” in a way that we hope will stimulate new products and services, and help the project scale. It’s great to have them on board.

In their own words, “Torchbox is delighted to be collaborating … to link the Carbon Account to AMEE. We believe that having a central store of data that is open-sourced and accessible to everyone is an important step forward in the mission to reduce carbon emissions. Using the AMEE API will give Carbon Account users the confidence that all of their emissions calculations are consistent with Government data.”

The Carbon Account is a next generation personal carbon monitoring tool that lets users track their emissions over time. Torchbox is a web company with a strong commitment to environmental issues. Related work by us in this area includes WWF’s ecological footprint calculator.”

For more information on the Carbon Account or if you’re interested in other ways that Torchbox could use AMEE for your project, please contact them via their website.

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