launches launches, supported by Cisco

Further to our previous post about its soft-launch, OneWorld, the international network for global justice, today launched a social networking space for climate change that will act as “Climate Facebook” to inspire people to take action to protect the planet. links directly through to OneClimate Island, built by OneWorld within the 3D virtual world of Second Life.

OneClimate will come into its own when the United Nations meets on December 3-14 to hold its Climate Summit. We will be opening a virtual window on events in Bali for anyone in the world who can access Second Life. But unlike its Real Life equivalent – and appropriately for a climate change conference – it will produce no travel-related carbon emissions.

One Climate is promoting both the Defra and RSA initiatives (which use AMEE), was designed by Torchbox and is a great sign of the collaborative work that is well underway in this area.

Congratulations to Anuradha, Peter and their teams.

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