Visualisation – 2027 UK Potential Energy Flows


The zerocarbonbritain report is required reading, and is available here.

zerocarbonbritain attempts to map the unthinkable, simply because the evidence compels us to do so. At the same time, it integrates solutions to the intimately connected issues of climate change, energy security and global equity. The world now needs to move to net zero emissions as quickly as possible. It is the authors’ belief that if society is motivated to do so, an emergency action plan could achieve this globally within 20 years.”

One thing we particularly liked is this fantastic visualisation of the potential energy flows in the UK in 2027.

This diagram (from pg 106) wasn’t very clear in the report, so zerocarbonbritain have kindly provided us with a higher resolution one.

UK Potential Energy flows

If you have ideas about what and how we can provide good visualisations of AMEE data, please let us know.

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