Google launches an AMEE-powered gadget


Google have used the AMEE platform to build a carbon calculator gadget, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust and the RSA. Using AMEE, the gadget is consistent with UK Government’s Act on CO2 calculator for in terms of data, calculations and approved methodologies. It can be accessed here.

In addition to the gadget, Google has created a map to visually display climate change data by region, including carbon emissions, temperature and recycling rates.

Launching in the UK today, we are very excited about the level of visibility and traffic this may bring to our efforts to create a common standard for measurement, and greater transparency in understanding the data required to tackle climate change.

Google’s implementation is based on the underlying Act on CO2 and uses data provided by Defra and others. It makes some additional assumptions (based on data from the Energy Saving Trust) to get the number of questions down to a “manageable” few pages (specifically around appliances).

We are obviously very excited about Google’s involvement, and hope that uptake will provide a broad and rich dataset that will help identify where campaigns need to focus their efforts.

AMEE on iGoogle

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