AMEE launches in the USA with Natural Logic

Natural Logic

Natural Logic have partnered with AMEE to launch initiatives in the USA. A sustainability strategy firm with 35 years experience in sustainability innovation, and a strong focus on “sustainability performance dashboards”, Natural Logic will bring their considerable experience to the table in both developing new tools for the US sector, and importantly for AMEE, deeper US data.

As AMEE‘s first non-Government data-partner, Natural Logic are highlighting the huge opportunity to syndicate both commercial and non-commercial data via AMEE‘s neutral aggregation and distribution platform. AMEE already holds data for 135 countries – and is committed to broadening and deepening its reach.

Gil Friend, Founder and President of Natural Logic, adds
“Our sustainability dashboard work with companies (e.g. Business Metabolics and OpenEco) and communities depends on accessible and valid data. We’ve been looking hard for partners, and we’re delighted to take these next steps together with AMEE.”

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