Avvio signs up to AMEE


AMEE is commercially enabling to agencies who create products and services in the CSR space.

Avvio is a creative agency that finds new and original ways to engage audiences in all things CSR. It’s clients include Vodafone, Oracle and Motorola. Over the last few years it has worked on a number of carbon calculators with the aim of making them fun and interactive, ensuring as many people as possible try them out and learn from them.

Eoin McMahon from Avvio said: “We’re looking forward to working with AMEE in 2008 as it has the broadest and most reliable datasets out-there alongside a strong technical infrastructure and team.

We’re one of the few agencies that provide this kind of front-end creative service and created carbon calculators for Sky (www.jointhebiggerpicture.com) and RBS.”

If you’re looking for an creative agency that can bring fresh thinking to your customer carbon reduction strategies please give

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