Mantra launches in North America

Mantra Venture Group launches in North America

Canadian and USA-based Mantra, through its subsidiaries, facilitates the deployment of green technologies which provide people and businesses with the means to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. They have taken a significant step towards creating a market-place where individuals and homeowners can identify opportunities to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, and interact with vendors to implement user-specific solutions.

The technology is intended to address two important public needs energy/carbon consumption reduction and education about available opportunities.

The Carbon Calculator, which uses AMEE, has a user-friendly interface, the ability to add/edit user-profiles, and graphic output. It accepts initial user input, then calculates annual CO2 emissions attributable to energy and resource use in the home and at business premises (e.g. space heating, hot water, and electrical equipment), and for personal and public transport (e.g. cars, motorbikes, flights, bus and rail).

Upon completion of a carbon footprint self-assessment, users are able to explore a variety of renewable/alternative energy options, and have access to information about vendors and grants/incentives.

Chinese version: 二氧化碳計算器

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