Major Announcements

USA Launch

We are delighted to announce the following partnerships, which we announced today at ETech in San Diego.

1) SUN microsystems,
A collaboration that enables Sun to enhance’s greenhouse gas calculation tools and extend to EU-based businesses and organizations.

2) Dopplr
The online service for intelligent business travellers, dopplr has added automatic CO2 footprint calculation using the AMEE platform.

3) ZeroFootprint
A development partnership involving substantial sharing and collaboration on the underlying data required for CO2 calculations, including US state-level data.

4) User Generated Content
Add your own device data.

5) Carbon Hero
Track your CO2 on your blackberry.

6) Facebook (in alpha, March launch)
An Open Source Facebook implementation/example is to be launched this month.

7) WikiClimate
Complimenting the AMEE data wiki,

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