Sun’s join to develop AMEE

OpenEcoSUN microsystems

Sun Microsystems, founders of, are collaborating with AMEE, the world’s energy meter, to accelerate the development of open systems and tools to measure and address energy consumption and climate change. Launched in 2007 in the United States, is the first-ever, global online community for organizations of all kinds to calculate, compare and reduce their carbon emissions free of charge.

This collaboration enables Sun to enhance’s greenhouse gas calculation tools and, utilising the AMEE platform, extend to EU-based businesses and organizations.

AMEE will provide a European perspective for the OpenEco initiative and join the OpenEco community of advisors.

Sun will also contribute product-range energy profiles (where they exist) to the AMEE database to help AMEE refine its ability to represent granular data, open methodologies and enhance its strength as a neutral aggregation platform.

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with another open source, Java-based community to work on technology solutions that help to address climate change. “, commented Lori Duvall, Director of OpenEco, “We look forward to engaging with AMEE on development work and expanding the OpenEco platform in EU”.

“Partnering with SUN supports AMEE’s goals to use open systems development to tackle our environmental challenges, said Gavin Starks, Director of AMEE, “This collaboration will add substantial scale to AMEE’s ability to catalyse change.”, Gavin Starks, Director of AMEE.

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