Zerofootprint partners with AMEE


Zerofootprint, a leader in enterprise carbon management and mobilizing and empowering large groups of individuals and organizations worldwide, to reduce their collective carbon and ecological by harnessing the power of social networking, the Internet and software, today announced a development partnership with AMEE.

Working together, they will exchange CO2 data and algorithms to accelerate the standardisation of footprint calculations. AMEE currently holds data for 135 countries. Zerofootprint will add substantial state-level granularity to this data-set.

Gavin Starks added, “We are delighted Zerofootprint are joining us to accelerate the creation of international standards for footprinting and data exchange. AMEE’s ability to act as a neutral aggregation and licensing platform enables research companies, data providers and business solutions companies to work operate within a common framework, and rapidly scale
their business.”

More details of the data and the Zerofootprint (offerings will be posted here soon).

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