The Carbon Account sets a new benchmark

The Carbon Account, developed by the overly talented folks at Torchbox, have set a new benchmark for ongoing measurement and management of your energy consumption – not only integrating with Facebook, but releasing their entire platform as open source.

Torchbox logo

As Tom Dyson, Director at Torchbox, says, “We’re very grateful for the assistance that AMEE has provided in our development of The Carbon Account. We share AMEE’s open source philosophy and we believe it’s important to have an open and transparent emissions inventory. This is why we open-sourced The Carbon Account: our timescales for carbon reduction are very tight, and everyone must work together to build the tools that will help us meet them.”

AMEE logo

Gavin Starks, founder of AMEE, adds, “Torchbox were the first agency to engage with the AMEE vision – we are really excited about their open-source release of a consumer-facing application. We encourage everyone working in addressing this area to collaborate on these tools and applications to accelerate measurement, management and change.”

The Carbon Account

Call to developers: We are working to update The Carbon Account (built in Python/Django) to enhance its integration with AMEE – if you would like to assist with this development, please get in touch.

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