Radiohead tour measurement with AMEE


As they embark on the first leg of their 2008 tour, Radiohead are appealing to fans to think about how they travel to and from shows.

Both their own report, and Julie’s Bicycle have shown that fan travel is one of the greatest factors to CO2 production in the music industry.

Radiohead are encouraging fans to consider public transport or increased car sharing. Where possible, the band has booked city centre shows with good transport links to make it easier for fans to get out of the car.

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A new section on the Radiohead site has been set up offering fans to add detailed travel information to the gigs. By entering this data, the fans will not only have visibility of their own CO2 footprint, but Radiohead will use the broad statistical data gathered to plan future initiatives and improve energy efficiency.

AMEE provides all the back-end calculations and aggregates all the user data for analysis. for more details

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