AMEE and Energy Performance Certificates

Since December 2007 every home put on the market in the UK must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). From 1 May 2008 it is compulsory for every new home in England to have a rating against the Code for Sustainable Homes, and for information on this rating to be provided to prospective purchasers through the Home Information Pack (HIP).

This EPC is a measure of a home’s energy efficiency and environmental impact – including its CO2 impact.

Emissions are calculated using a “Standard Assessment Procedure” (SAP) and a subset of this assessment called the “Reduced Standard Assessment Procedure” (rdSAP). The assessment also makes recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency.

Such assessments are rigorous and usually require a qualified assessor to visit the home being measured. SAP is also used in building design and construction to assess new developments.

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AMEE is dedicated to measuring the energy consumption of everything in the world.

We are therefore committed to adding the entire measurement and profiling processes, as required for EPC assessments, to the AMEE platform. This will enable businesses to use AMEE as both their back-end database and calculator to provide assessments to their customers.

As an advanced technology provider, AMEE will maintain its systems to the most advanced standards that exist, including ensuring all data is kept fully up to date. This will enable both assessors, certification organisations, architects and related industry bodies to focus on meeting their customer’s needs.

As an aggregation platform, AMEE also enables the energy profile of properties, and their modifications, to be managed as an ongoing process.

And, of course, AMEE will be bringing its own unique set of innovations to the field.

If you are interested in using the AMEE platform as your technical solution, or working with us on the solutions, please contact us today.


Defra’s “Act on CO2” campaign (which is built on AMEE) is effectively a “reduced” version of the rdSAP assessment, and is designed to raise awareness. In the UK, both the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) and The Energy Savings Trust (EST) are also clients of AMEE. AMEE has carried out over 850,000 environmental assessments in the 12 months since its launch. Read more about HIPs.

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