AMEE to support PAS2050

A new standard has been launched by BSI British Standards, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra/DEC) and the Carbon Trust.

The Carbon Trust has already piloted PAS 2050 with 75 products from a wide range of companies, including Boots, Tesco, Cadbury and Innocent.

As with all standards, AMEE is working to support this within the AMEE platform.

Later this year, the UK Climate Change Bill is expected to become law and will commit future governments to reducing carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.

For organizations that supply goods and services, PAS 2050:

  • Allows internal assessment of the existing life cycle GHG emissions of goods and services
  • Facilitates the evaluation of alternative product configurations, sourcing and manufacturing methods, raw material choices and supplier selection on the basis of the life cycle GHG emissions associated with goods and services
  • Provides a benchmark for ongoing programmes aimed at reducing GHG emissions
  • Allows for a comparison of goods or services using a common, recognized and standardized approach to life cycle GHG emissions assessment
  • Supports reporting on corporate responsibility.

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For consumers of goods and services, PAS 2050:

  • Provides a common basis from which the results of life cycle GHG emissions assessments can be reported and communicated
  • Provides an opportunity for greater consumer understanding of life cycle GHG emissions when making purchasing decisions and using goods and services.

Reference Site: PAS 2050:2008

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