Edenbee powers Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic 2008 Edenbee

Electric Picnic is one of the biggest festivals in Ireland, attended by some 35,000 people – and has a real emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives.

This year, by teaming up with Edenbee (who joined AMEE in Nov 2007) and building on AMEE’s work with Radiohead, Edenbee extended the “AMEE gigulator” which is an Open Source solution to help measure fan travel to events.

Peter O’Brien, Founder of Edenbee”Working with AMEE on putting together the gigulator for the Electric Picnic 2008 made a lot of sense. They are committed to the cause and are building clever software that can really generate mass awareness. We will be working on getting as many festivals onto using the gigulator as possible from now on.”

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