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Dan Ilett, Editor-in-Chief of Greenbang has led the creation of a report on some of the UK’s “best new companies in the clean tech industry”.

Dan says;”we wanted to dig deeper and take a snap shot of how the UK stands up in the global market of clean tech.We also wanted to find UK innovators’ views on the industry and discover how they see humankind moving away from a dependency on oil.

Unfortunately, we also found some of these companies look likely to move abroad with their talents because the UK investment environment is failing to cater for clean tech companies, which say they can easily find the money overseas.”

AMEE bug (34×36)

AMEE’s excerpt;

“AMEE is a seriously interesting proposition. DEFRA (the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is already supplying data and the government’s own ‘Act on CO2′ calculator runs on the AMEE platform. The company has done its research – 150 countries are represented – so it’s a comprehensive offering. Greenbang also gives AMEE the thumbs-up for its open source stance – its code is open for others to use, and it encourages customers to release their data under Creative Commons so it can be shared – and the company makes its service free to certain noncommercial projects. AMEE already has the likes of Google among its users – what more do you need to know?”

Greenbang startup index report

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