Julies Bicycle to measure music industry

Julie’s Bicycle (“JB”) is a not-for-profit company committed to developing a low-carbon creative economy. This includes everything from CD packaging to Venues, Festivals to Offices.

Catherine Langabeer, Operations Manager, explains, “We want as many businesses as possible to reduce their negative climate impacts and to help companies change to low/zero carbon.”

JB have a team of scientists, energy experts and industry executives who are working together to identify the most important campaigns that will have the greatest impact.

To support this, JB are developing toolkits for the creative sectors to measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainability. ”

This ambitious programme is being developed in partnership with AMEE.

Alison Tickell, Managing Director of JB commented, “We are extremely excited to be developing dedicated, practical solutions for the industry and AMEE enables us to move forward quickly and with confidence”.

Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE, added, “JB have established a remarkable presence in the creative sector in a short period of time. Using AMEE as their engine for change will enable access to an advanced suite of IT solutions, and meet JB’s substantial expectations for growth.”

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