AMEE Opens North American Office


AMEE opens its first North American office today, led by Robin Baker – VP Business Development and Markets (more on the team).

Joining AMEE’s world-class team, Robin has exceptional executive management experience in leading corporate strategy and business development. His career includes senior management roles with market leaders including Movaris (acquired by Trintech Plc), Certus (acquired by Securac), Ernst & Young, and Panasonic.

As a leading provider of data and information systems, AMEE delivers an advanced, neutral IT Platform for energy and carbon data. AMEE already supports USA data at State-level for electricity suppliers.

AMEE compliments Enterprise Information Systems, Smart Grids, Cap & Trade, legislative frameworks, and compliance initiatives.

Robin comments, “Establishing its first North American office will provide dedicated support to AMEE’s existing and future US clients: to deliver on its vision to measure and track the energy and carbon footprint of everyting on Earth. We believe harnessing energy information will transform business practices, products and services to compete in a low carbon economy.”

With an established customer base that includes Morgan Stanley and the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, AMEE is expanding rapidly.

About AMEE

AMEE aims to foster the development of energy as a global currency – powering governments and businesses to measure, track, account, trade, and catalyse the development of solutions in a low carbon world.

Developed since 2005 and launched in 2007, AMEE catalyses change by providing benchmarks for measurement, tracking, collaboration and reporting.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) data aggregation business, AMEE delivers new standards in functionality, transparency and interoperability for environmental assessment. This includes aggregating every emission factor and methodology related to CO2 and energy assessments (individuals, businesses, buildings, products, supply chains, countries, etc.), and all the consumption data (fuel, water, waste, quantitative and qualitative factors).

The service combines measurement, calculation, tracking, profiling and transactional systems.

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