AMEE 2.0 switched on

What makes AMEE different?

AMEE 2.0 enables Energy Identity management for buildings, and real-time carbon footprinting;

  • AMEE innovation brings together national standards with actual usage data
  • supports device feeds (e.g. smart meters) to enable real-time footprinting
  • supports analytic methods to compare modelled performance vs actual
  • designed for engagement at all levels, from governments and corporates to individuals

The AMEE platform spans the gaps between technology, science and policy to enable accurate calculation, tracking and reporting.

Designed to aggregate and track all the emissions factors, methodologies and consumption data on Earth, it already represents standards across many sectors and territories.

AMEE is in the business of powering your solutions. Joining AMEE will accelerate your, and everyone’s, efforts on the journey to a low carbon economy.

AMEE 2.0 features

  • Automate and track data capture: send device data directly into AMEE
  • Calculate: extended algorithms and methodologies
  • Functionality (any time resolution, arbitrary units, Atom-based feeds)
  • Data (US State-level data, waste, water, and all flights/airports)
  • Methods (UK buildings standard: SAP/RD- SAP fully supported)

Please read our AMEE 2.0 guides (screencasts to follow);

:: Primer – tracking everything

:: AMEE 2.0 Tech

:: AMEE 2.0 Science ::

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buttonpink_o.png Powered by AMEE

“Powered by AMEE” means that your software, your business, a project or any energy/carbon initiative can track, calculate, measure, monitor and report using robust, authoritative, transparent methodologies.

To illustrate this, AMEE now supports the UK standard assessment procedure (SAP and RD-SAP) for buildings and any future standards. This enables the calculation of an “Energy Performance Certificate” in line with the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

The key here is that AMEE can enable you to store and track all the empirical data separately from the standards – so as they evolve, you will keep up to date and aligned. Further, you can also add post-occupancy monitoring data (see below) to compare the theoretical efficiency of the building with its actual performance.

This builds on the work AMEE has been doing with the UK Government’s “Act on CO2″ campaign – which is Powered by AMEE. Note BRE and EST are also AMEE clients.

We are currently executing a related standard for the USA, known as LEED.

The AMEE platform helps you scale your business (especially if you are building environmental software management tools).

AMEE’s new features allow a you to build up a more detailed understanding of energy and carbon data, tracked over time.

Example: Real-time, automated carbon footprints

Sending smart-meter data directly into AMEE, and retrieving CO2 in real-time via an Atom feed;

then piped to your favourite Atom reader, or graphed as CO2 using your application;

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