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Creates Authoritative Ecosystem for Corporate Carbon Management
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(PDF Version: AMEE PR 20090226)

Carbonetworks, a worldwide leader in corporate carbon management, and AMEE, the world’s energy meter, announced a pioneering agreement today. Through this agreement, AMEE will provide a carbon engine for the Carbonetworks management solution, designed to help organizations develop strategies to ultimately reduce carbon.

The Carbonetworks solution evaluates corporate carbon emissions, pinpoints carbon reduction opportunities internally and links clients to the largest network of verified reductions, providing a comprehensive carbon management strategy for business of all sizes. AMEE’s engine, which tracks and measures energy converted into CO2 emissions, will enhance Carbonetworks’ ability to offer more detailed emissions measurement by providing the robust standardized data used in calculations.

“Standardized emissions data is critical to develop meaningful carbon emissions strategies for our clients,” said Michael Meehan, president & CEO of Carbonetworks. “Using trusted carbon calculations and data from innovative vendors such as AMEE enables us to provide carbon management solutions to a wide range of businesses through our platform. For the first time, companies don’t need expensive compliance software to be able to manage their carbon effectively – they can get up and running in minutes.”

As a neutral, independent aggregation platform, AMEE’s vision is to calculate and track the carbon footprint of everything on Earth. Its web-based platform includes carbon measurement, tracking, calculation, profiling and transactional systems, representing data from 150 countries and regions.

“This agreement paves the way to a truly interoperable, authoritative ecosystem for carbon management. AMEE drives change by increasing the accuracy and transparency of emissions data,” said Gavin Starks, founder and CEO of AMEE. “Both AMEE and Carbonetworks have clear network strategies, which will help to create and grow market-wide opportunities.”

Carbonetworks’ software and services help companies create emission strategies that capitalize on emerging global markets. Carbonetworks and AMEE will offer clients the most comprehensive carbon management solution, while accelerating their shared vision.

About AMEE
Developed since 2005 and launched in 2007, AMEE aids development by providing authoritative measurement, tracking, conversion, collaboration and reporting. All Carbon Management Software companies can benefit from AMEE’s unique approach to market-empowerment. AMEE is complimentary to and can facilitate Smart Grids, information systems, legislative frameworks and compliance schemes.

AMEE’s Platform-as-a-Service delivers new standards in functionality, transparency and interoperability for environmental assessment. This includes aggregating every emission factor and methodology related to CO2 and Energy Assessments (individuals, businesses, buildings, products, supply chains, countries, etc.), and all the consumption data (fuel, water, waste, quantitative and qualitative factors). The service combines measurement, tracking, calculation, profiling and transactional systems.

About Carbonetworks
Carbonetworks is the leader in carbon management solutions and strategies for business. As carbon specialists, Carbonetworks works with clients to move beyond their carbon footprint and develop tailored strategies that ultimately reduce emissions. Through the Carbonetworks software and services platform, the company helps its clients navigate within the new global carbon economy. Carbonetworks has created industry leading products that connect customers with the largest network of verified carbon reductions, enabling companies to participate in carbon markets around the world. Carbonetworks currently serves hundreds of subscribers in over 40 countries including some of the largest and most active companies and governments in the world.

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