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(PDF Version: AMEE PR 20090305)

Carbonmetrics, installers of Smart Meters and Carbon Management software in the emerging markets, and AMEE, the world’s energy meter, announced expansion in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Through this agreement, AMEE will provide a carbon engine for the Carbonmetrics carbon management technology, the Cenable, to manage the users energy consumption leading to reduced Carbon Emissions.

The Cenable is provided as a free download and monitors, manages and monetizes carbon emission reductions. It is a front end solution to their Smart Meter programmes currently underway in the emerging markets. Integrating with AMEE’s engine, which tracks and translates energy values into CO2 emissions, enhances the Cenable to offer more detailed emissions measurement by providing the robust standardized data used in calculations.

“Governments around the world are actively working to develop their smart grid infrastructure, rollout smart meter programmes and reduce their carbon emissions. With our rapidly growing presence in the markets of South America, Africa and the Middle East, our alliance with AMEE presents a cost effective solution to manage Energy and Carbon emissions policies using standardised emissions data on a global platform.” said Rashid Wahab, CEO and co-founder of Carbonmetrics.

As a neutral, independent aggregation platform, AMEE’s vision is to calculate and track the carbon footprint of everything on Earth. Its web-based platform includes carbon measurement, tracking, calculation, profiling and transactional systems, representing data from 150 countries and regions.

Gavin Starks, Founder and CEO of AMEE, added, “AMEE’s neutral position and global reach will help Carbonmetrics to scale its deployments while using authoritative data. Carbonmetrics have en excellent solution which we are excited to see, and will increase the reach of a globally connected and increasing rich data ecosystem.”

The Cenable empowers users to actively manage their energy consumption through smart devices. Carbonmetrics, powered by AMEE, will offer global clients the most comprehensive energy management solutions, while accelerating their shared vision of reduction in carbon emissions.

AMEE aims to help develop energy and carbon as a global currency, assisting governments and companies to account for and trade internationally in emissions.

About Carbonmetrics
Carbonmetrics install Smart Meters and devices and carbon management software in the emerging markets. The company has a growing presence in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Through alliances with various Smart Meter manufacturers, they are able to offer smart solutions to these markets which include zigbee enabled prepayment smart meters. They empower local markets to embrace smart technology and to setup renewable sources of energy through their training programmes. Their Cenable software product is freely downloadable and offers users with Smart Meters an easy to use technology to manage their energy consumption.

For more information, press only:
Rashid Wahab for Carbonmetrics, + 44 207 193 4270
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About AMEE
All Carbon Management Software companies can benefit from a AMEE’s unique approach to market-empowerment. AMEE is complimentary to and can facilitate Smart Grids, information systems, legislative frameworks and compliance schemes.

AMEE’s Platform-as-a-Service delivers new standards in functionality, transparency and interoperability for environmental assessment. This includes aggregating every emission factor and methodology related to CO2 and Energy Assessments (individuals, businesses, buildings, products, supply chains, countries, etc.), and all the consumption data (fuel, water, waste, quantitative and qualitative factors). The service combines measurement, tracking, calculation, profiling and transactional systems.

Europe :: Gavin Starks, CEO
North America :: Robin Baker, VP Business Development & Markets

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