Translating Sustainability into Business Performance


(PDF Version: AMEE PR 20090324)

EQ2 and AMEE announce that they are to partner in a global effort to bring transparency, truth and accuracy to the measurement of the world’s environmental impact and energy usage reporting.

The agreement is born out of common principles between Mr. Steve Burt, CEO of EQ2 and Mr. Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE. Both agree that there is a very clear need for an interoperable, transparent and accurate measurement methodology to steer companies and countries towards true and trusted reporting of their environmental impact. There has in the past been an unreliable means by which to report using estimates and averages, thus creating false reporting which can slow change to a sustainable operation and adversely affect shareholder return.

The result of this collaboration will be the first credit reference style reporting of the environment, equivalent in certitude to that of a Dun and Bradstreet report. To provide a more concise approach to measuring a company’s impacts and emissions, EQ2 has developed an equivalent process to KPI’s using Sustainability Key Performance Indicators (S-KPI’s).

This method has been designed to provide a company with clarity of all its environmental impacts, while giving the management team the option of choosing which metrics are used for performance. To assist management teams in the decision process, EQ2 has developed a risk-performance model that identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the materiality of the S-KPI’s
according to business need and brand protection.

Combining EQ2’s intelligent management process, critical thinking, issue identification and data analysis with AMEE’s data collection and management capabilities provides companies with an auditable  environmental quality report (EQR) that details a true and accurate impact position.

There are three levels of EQ2 reporting: Standard, Comprehensive and Bespoke. The EQR quantifies and monetizes companies’ impacts and emissions to provide an accurate environmental profile based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) scopes 1, 2 & 3 and GAAP financial reporting standards. This makes for smart, financially sound sustainability decisions. EQ2 can sift through the numbers and identify the material issues of your company and prioritize them.

AMEE has been designed as the standard of excellence in sustainability data collection and management, delivering unparalleled functionality, transparency and interoperability. AMEE aims to aggregate every emission factor and methodology related to CO2 and Energy Assessments for businesses. This includes buildings, products, supply chains, countries, etc and consumption data such as fuel, water and waste quantitative factors. AMEE‘s algorithmic engine applies conversion factors from energy into CO2 emissions, and currently represents data from 150 countries.

AMEE is the independent and neutral aggregator of accurate environmental impact metrics; EQ2 is the quality guardian of accurate corporate disclosure and reporting. An EQ2 – certified report provides complete assurance that an organization has properly analyzed its GHG emissions and impacts.

EQ2 was formed to directly address the challenges that Lord Stern raised in “The Economics of Climate Change”. EQ2 is made up of a team of business and sustainability experts, to help organizations design and implement appropriate sustainability solutions. EQ2 uses GRI Indicators and has developed industry-specific metrics to measure and report the issues against GRI Guidelines in a way that is easy for your company to understand and manage its business-critical environmental performance. There are sustainability people who speak their language, there are accountants who speak their language – EQ2 translates all of this into information that, you, the business manager and executive, needs to run and grow your business. We translate sustainability into business performance.

Gavin Starks commented: “We believe that the solutions to a low-carbon economy and a sustainable future are based on deep collaboration around data. Our neutral position is designed to encourage and facilitate these interactions on a global scale. EQ2 will increase the reach of this globally connected and increasingly rich data ecosystem.”

Steve Burt commented: “Companies need to base their operational decisions, disclosure reporting and investment proposals on accurate environmental metrics rather than estimates that are likely to cloud, confuse or mislead. AMEE provides the platform for ‘getting it right’, EQ2’s passion for accurate corporate disclosure and reporting provides all stakeholders with complete assurance that an organization has properly analyzed its GHG emissions and impacts”.


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