Act on CO2 version 2.0 launches

Version 2.0 of the Act on CO2 calculator was formally launched this morning by Secretary of State, Ed Miliband, and the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, as part of the UK Government’s “Road to Copenhagen” campaign.

What is Act on CO2?

The UK Government’s “Act on CO2″ campaign enables any citizen to calculate their personal or household carbon footprint. It then provides customised advice on energy saving and the ability to compare their footprint with “people like them” based on data input by everyone.




How does AMEE work with government?

AMEE has several roles in powering government carbon initiatives.

1) AMEE works with DECC* as a strategic partner to take the Government methodology to market. DECC defines its standards, and AMEE works with them to frame this into a more “technically usable” form (via the AMEE Platform service). AMEE is a designated distributor/channel of this government-approved data.

2) AMEE is also the back-office technical solution for the whole “Act on CO2″ application itself. AMEE stores all the answers to every question entered by any user, and their profiles, plans and tips. AMEE then applies the calculations and recommendations. These components are wholly managed by the AMEE Platform. The Act on CO2 front-end interface: built, managed and hosted by the Government, stores users email address, names, and manages the direct communication with citizens.

*Defra/DECC (The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change is equivalent to the EPA in the USA);

Take up of the campaign has been significant with over a million profiles being managed by AMEE since its launch in June 2007.

Version 2 builds on this success, adding the following:

  • Updates on all existing data. Anyone integrated with AMEE will automatically see these updates.
  • Improved data for describing heating energy usage in all types of UK homes
  • Data on domestic insulation and renewable energy/CO2 savings
  • All common types of public transport in the UK
  • More household appliances
  • Airports for major world destinations, with point-to-point calculations of CO2 emission accounting for passenger class
  • Comparison and benchmarking – “compare with people like me”
  • Detailed custom action plan, with cost and carbon benefits


How you can get involved

AMEE ensures that all the methodologies used in calculations are both current and transparent.

Please read our Act on CO2 guide to the science and methodologies used.

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