AMEE powers CNN flight calculator

LONDON, July 08, 2009 — AMEE today announced it has been selected by CNN International to power its flights carbon calculator as part of its “Going Green” microsite, bringing together CNN’s world-class, international environmental coverage into one online destination. Subjects covered will include green energy, green technology, green business, climate change and conservation.

The calculator allows readers to calculate their carbon footprint for air travel, with point to point airport calculation and is designed to promote awareness and understanding of energy use and carbon emissions. Users are presented with tonnes of CO2 per person emitted as a consequence of the flight and data on the equivalent environmental impact (in equivalent hectares of rainforest).

Given the global nature of CNN’s audience, it was important that the calculator was based on standardised and global carbon measurements. AMEE is powering the calculator with its back-end platform that aggregates and keeps up to date with official methodologies and CO2 data from the EPA in the US, the UK Department of Environment and Climate Change and over 150 countries. The system uses an advanced algorithmic engine that applies conversation factors from energy into CO2 emissions.

The front-end was built by Dynamic50, a member of AMEE’s affiliate network.

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