CarbonCounted and AMEE work together in Canada

Canada :: London

AMEE today announced it has been selected by CarbonCounted to extend the capabilities of its system and method. Based in Toronto, CarbonCounted is a not-for-profit organization enabling fast, third-party verified and cost efficient carbon footprints and carbon labels using the CarbonConnect web application. AMEE will power and enhance its search engine for carbon emission sources, and fits with CarbonCounted’s goal of maintaining live emission sources as part of a supply chain-based system.

Says Steve Cox, Founder of CarbonCounted, “While we have built a powerful system and service, AMEE extends that capability with its web services platform focused purely on the science and breadth of carbon calculations. We look forward to integrating AMEE into our service.”
Adds Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE, “We are excited to partner with CarbonCounted which has established itself as a leading global platform for the business and consultancy market. Their platform model and technological approach aligns nicely with AMEE’s offering.”


AMEE enables businesses, consumers and government to build environmental intelligence into everything they do. Applications are “Powered by AMEE” to ensure compliance with authoritative international standards. AMEE is used internationally by a wide variety organizations, including the UK Government (Defra/DECC), the Irish Government, the Welsh Assembly, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CNN, Google, Morgan Stanley, BRE, Energy Saving Trust, Radiohead and numerous IT, business services and software companies.


As a nexus for consulting firms and their clients, CarbonCounted goes well beyond typical enterprise carbon management (ECM) systems by allowing businesses to link up supply chains, develop green purchasing and produce verified carbon labels for products and services. CarbonCounted is open to all consulting firms and businesses and currently features over 4,500 sites, including registrations from more than a dozen TSX60 and Fortune 500 companies. With 15 (and counting) environmental consulting groups already using their robust system worldwide, more businesses are verifying their carbon emission data quickly, easily and in real time.

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