CO2Benchmark and AMEE start to benchmark the world

AMEE today announced a partnership with CO2Benchmark that will significantly extend the range of specialist carbon footprint data available through its platform. Based in London, CO2Benchmark is a specialist carbon analyst firm that tracks and benchmarks the carbon footprints of companies and organisations around the world.

AMEE will provide platform and web services for CO2Benchmark’s data; for example, the benchmarking data that is currently available on CO2Benchmark’s website will now be available to all AMEE API users.

“AMEE’s platform provides us with a robust way to open up our data via programmatic interfaces. Our partnership allows us to extend to AMEE’s  customer base to distribute our industry-leading data and knowledge base covering 3,000 organisations,” said Reginald Warlop, CEO of CO2Benchmark. “This fits perfectly with our strategic objective to provide greater transparency into how companies are performing carbon-wise. It will also allow us to apply our benchmarking expertise on a broader data set that is currently available in the AMEE network.

Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE, said: “We are delighted to have CO2Benchmark join our neutral aggregation platform. Their research and knowledge base aligns perfectly with AMEE’s offering. CO2Benchmark’s database of carbon footprints of 3,000 companies and organizations and their benchmarking algorithms will be invaluable to our customers.”


AMEE enables businesses, consumers and government to build environmental intelligence into everything they do. Applications are “Powered by AMEE” to ensure compliance with authoritative international standards. AMEE is used internationally by a wide variety of organizations, including the UK Government (Defra/DECC), the Irish Government, the Welsh Assembly, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CNN, Google, Morgan Stanley, BRE, Energy Saving Trust, Radiohead and numerous IT, business services and software companies.

ABOUT CO2Benchmark

CO2Benchmark specialises in tracking corporate carbon footprints. Co2Benchmark Analysts research footprint data across many sources and apply global standards to classify, normalise and structure the data for comparison. The company offers three services to its customers:
1) online access to their unique database of case studies and carbon footprints of 3,000 companies and organisations in the world,
2) bespoke benchmarking reports for industry sectors, and
3) benchmarking consultancy services.

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