AMEE and AlertMe launch home-worker carbon tracker

New Offering Will Make Measuring and Reporting on Home Worker’s Carbon Footprint Easier for Organisations

Cambridge, England – December 2, 2009 – AlertMe, the award-winning home energy management service, and AMEE, the world’s energy meter, today announced the launch of a new service to track the energy and carbon usage of home workers. The carbon tracker enables companies to monitor and report on their home workers’ energy usage and carbon footprint in order to meet their carbon reduction commitments.

With growing regulation of carbon emissions reporting, including the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) in April 2010, companies are today manually gathering data and compiling reports on their enterprise carbon footprint. The manual nature of this work is prone to error, time consuming and often causes logistical and coordination bottlenecks. In addition, where companies have part of their workforce working from home they face the difficult task of measuring the carbon emitted by their employees for the time spent working at home.

The introduction of the carbon tracker by AlertMe and AMEE represents an innovative solution to these problems. With the new service, home workers will set up an AlertMe Energy Kit to monitor and report on their home energy usage. This information will be sent to AMEE to calculate the equivalent carbon footprint. That data will then be fed back to the company in a format that is easy to understand and track, and which combines with the rest of the company’s carbon footprint information. Carbon data can be viewed live, per-home or collectively, and can be stored and reported in any format to meet with standard reporting frameworks, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and CRC, or provide visual graphs to represent the organisation’s carbon usage over time.

With the AlertMe Energy kit, home workers can monitor and control their home’s energy use by accessing the AlertMe dashboard through any internet connection. This information empowers them to manage and monitor energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity bills. With the addition of SmartPlugs, the consumption of individual appliances in the home (such as a computer for work use), can be easily tracked.

“With the growing popularity of home-working, the ability to monitor and report on home-workers’ carbon footprint is crucial. The carbon tracker will allow companies to fully understand their organisational carbon footprint, be transparent in their sustainability and auditing programmes and will provide invaluable information on the impact of home-working on the environment, said Pilgrim Beart, founder and CEO, AlertMe, “And most importantly this solution is simple for homeworkers to use removing the manual processes which have held this area back in the past.”

AMEE’s platform aggregates and keeps carbon and environmental data up-to-date, ensuring that companies get accurate, timely information.

Accurate measurement is the first step to efficiency and reduction – and cost savings. AMEE provides the intelligence to deliver customised recommendations to help home-workers become more efficient and reduce their footprint. AMEE’s clients include DECC and Energy Savings Trust, and AMEE embodies the Government recommendations for home energy assessments and energy efficiency.

Gavin Starks, founder and CEO, AMEE stated “We’re excited to be working with AlertMe on the carbon tracker which fits with AMEE’s aim of measuring carbon emissions on a global basis and using new technologies to increase transparency and accuracy. Home-working, particularly technology-enabled, is going through a new wave of growth. We’re pleased to be helping businesses understand the impact on the environment, as they continue to seek ways to identify sustainability best practices.”

Companies that would like to be a part of this new initiative should email to register their interest and receive further information.

About AMEE
AMEE helps companies, governments and consumers calculate their carbon footprint and model energy consumption. The AMEE API provides access to the most up-to-date carbon and environmental data. Applications and solutions are “Powered by AMEE” to ensure compliance with authoritative international standards.

About AlertMe
Founded in 2006 and based in Cambridge, UK, AlertMe was established by successful serial entrepreneurs. As a provider of smart energy saving systems for homes, the company’s online service – AlertMe – enables consumers to take control of their energy consumption and drive it down, extending the reach of the Smart Grid and AMI networks right into the home. The company is venture backed by Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners. Visit the AlertMe website.

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