Update to GHGP Transport Data

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This latest update to AMEE’s transport data is from the GHG Protocol and includes contributions from UK DEFRA, US EPA and the UN IPCC.  It includes new models from the EPA for US vehicles’ carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane emissions as well as several other regions.  It also expands the AMEE dataverse by adding models for biomass fuels. More detail.

Tags:    transport, Defra, EPA, IPCC, CO2, N2O, methane

Scope:   USA, RoW

Authority:   Enterprise

AMEE quality assurance:   Passed

Using the data

These new data are applicable to a wide variety of vehicles from ferries to heavy duty articulated trucks. Emissions can be calculated from fuel usage or distance travelled and take into account the number of passengers included in the calculation. Freight data on road, rail, air and sea can also be calculated for a given distance and load mass.

Special observations

During the exploration of this new GHG Protocol data discrepancies were discovered in the methane and nitrous oxide emissions in the GHG Protocol shipping data. Certain data were found to be orders of magnitude out from the expected values and similar values published by DECC/DEFRA. These have been corrected in AMEE as part of its quality assurance (QA) process and we have communicated our findings to the GHG protocol team.

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