Update to GHGP Electricity Emissions Factors

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AMEE has incorporated the most recent update from the GHG Protocol to emissions factors for the US subregions and 155 other regional and national zones. The GHG Protocol data includes updates from the US Energy Information Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Also included for the first time from the GHGP are factors for nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4). More detail.

Tags: GHGP, electricity

Scope: USA, international

Authority: Enterprise

AMEE quality process: Passed

Using the data

The data comprise carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane emission factors for 139 separate countries, 16 other regions (including continent-wide values) and 26 US subregions. These values will be used by a large number of categories within AMEE for calculating carbon dioxide from electricity use in everything from toasters to electric cars.

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