AMEE enables Carbon Footprinting of any UK Rail Journey

AMEE announces the launch of a new service providing emissions calculations for any UK rail travel.

Users of the AMEE API now have the ability to calculate the distance between any two train stations in the United Kingdom according to the actual routes with which they are served.

This makes it easier for train-based journeys to be specified and the extent of rail travel to be quantified.

Carbon footprinting UK rail journeys

Over 2800 stations are suppported, including all of those associated with the mainline rail network as well as the London Underground. AMEE provides a wide selection of train emissions factors which can be used in conjunction with the rail network distance calculator making accurate emissions calculations available for a broad spectrum of scenarios.

Tags: transport, travel, CO2

Scope: UK

Authority: Enterprise

AMEE quality assurance: Passed

Using the data

Emissions calculations are made by specifying two stations (or locations – the service will perform a ‘fuzzy’ match) and the type of train used. Users can choose between several generic train types (e.g. ‘national’, ‘local’, ‘underground’) or 16 specific types of diesel and electric trains currently in operation in the UK.

AMEE contains data on the energy/fuel consumption and seating capacities for each of these train types and so per passenger emissions estimates can be further refined by optionally specifying train occupancy for each given journey.

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