10:10 and AMEE to promote and track 10% reduction in world’s carbon footprint


10:10, the initiative for a 10% reduction of carbon emissions during 2010, have today launched an online tool that allows companies to compute their carbon footprint to measure progress in meeting their goal.

Powered by AMEE

10:10′s carbon reporting tool
is powered by AMEE.


Eugenie Harvey, Director of 10:10, comments,“Over 2000 businesses have signed up to reduce their emissions with 10:10 so far. As soon as we launched the campaign, we knew we had to find a way to let these companies report their 2009 and 2010 data to verify the reductions that they are working so hard to acheive. Our partnership with AMEE is perfect because it means that users can sign into our website and report their emissions, but we haven’t had to do all the research into how to build a reliable carbon calculator ourselves.”

Gavin Starks, AMEE CEO, said, “This is exactly how we want to see AMEE’s web services used. We’re delighted to be able to help 10:10 offer a tool to participants that is based on accurate, updated carbon accounting methodologies.”

AMEE contains data and calculating methodologies from numerous sources including the IPCC, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Information Administration and the UK government agency DEFRA, as well as the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Adherence to the calculating methodologies and established data standards specified in these sources means that AMEE provides support to greenhouse gas emissions reporting protocols such as the Global Reporting Initiative.

10:10 projection tool screenshot

In addition to allowing businesses to enter the data that determines their actual emissions, the 10:10 tool includes an innovative projections feature that allows hypothetical data to be entered and compared against projections of turnover increases (screenshot above). This begins to solve a tricky problem for businesses who want to grow their revenues whilst reducing the carbon intensity of their operations. More on this soon.

To sign your business up to 10:10 and start using the tool, visit the business section of the 10:10 site.

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