AMEE “standards spider” detects changes to carbon standards

AMEE, the carbon data aggregation platform, has implemented a ‘standards spider’ to monitor key pages of standards bodies’ web sites for changes.  The spider allows the AMEE Science team to increase the rate at which updates to carbon computation methodologies are brought to market.

As an example, the spider detected changes last week to the UK government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change methodologies which affect all companies reporting under the UK’s CRC initiative.  The AMEE Science team was able to update the AMEE platform with the changes within 24 hours.

Standards bodies wishing to be included in the program (or those wishing to nominate a standard to be included) can submit URLs to the spider by emailing the AMEE Science Team: data -at-

Update to UK’s CRC emissions calculation standards

The new set of fuel-specific emissions factors to be used in conjunction with the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative was published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change on January 22nd. The new data has been updated in AMEE and contains updated conversion factors for CO2 emissions per unit quantity of fuel used with respect to the previous Draft Consultation documentation, as well as six new fuels.  This updated dataset is consistent with the conversion factors for fuel published by DEFRA last year (with the exception of the value for petroleum coke which shows a difference of ~12%).

The most recent CRC data is now incorporated, meaning that all of the emissions factors required for CRC compliance are available through the AMEE API.

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