Overbury uses AMEE to add traceability and rigour to project analysis

Overbury announces the launch of a new innovative web-based tool that accurately records the carbon footprinting of client fit-out and refurbishment projects.

Overbury, the office fit-out and refurbishment specialist, has teamed up with the carbon footprinting platform AMEE to create a simple and powerful tool to calculate an accurate carbon footprint. The tool works from accurate entry of data, calculation and cross referencing of information to show the carbon impact projects generate.

Carrying out a study in a rigorous manner needs large amounts of data to be collected and collated. Project managers from Overbury enter data through a secure website that records information such as the method of waste disposal of materials, the quantity and type of new materials delivered and how far they travelled to get to the site. The tool also records the mode of transport and distance workers travelled to site. The amount and types of energy used during the construction process are also taken into consideration.

Developing this tool enables Overbury’s clients to work towards reducing the carbon emissions of projects. This requires an innovative approach to the challenges sites are often faced with. An example of this is waste and the need to increase recycling rates. Overbury works in partnership with waste contractors, sub-contractors and site staff to achieve this reduction in emissions through management of waste.

Capturing such a wide range of data means that the impact of each project can be comprehensively accounted for. The complex calculations are undertaken based on detailed reference sources within the system which are easily accessed through a simple web interface. When the project is complete, project managers can download a PDF report with the total footprint alongside graphs and a breakdown of where the emissions came from.

Jamie Andrews, Market Development Manager at AMEE says:

“We are very pleased for the AMEE Platform to be used in this way. By recording the full scope of emissions for refurbishment projects, Overbury clients can be confident that everything has been accounted for. The tool makes it easy to see the effect of emissions reduction efforts in a clear and easy-to-audit way.”

The benefit of using AMEE is that all of the underlying data sources can easily by checked by going to AMEE Explorer. Liz Collett, Group Environmental Manager at Overbury says:

“Working with AMEE enabled us to deliver a tool that enables our clients to understand the carbon impact of their projects. Being able to use the AMEE engine adds traceability and rigour to our assessments which is what our clients require.”

About Overbury

Overbury operates as a main contractor alongside professional teams to manage the delivery of the construction phase of office fit-out and refurbishment. Overbury puts sustainability at the forefront of projects and works to minimise the environmental impacts. Carbon footprinting is one of the most recent initiatives that Overbury has undertaken.

About AMEE

AMEE helps companies, governments and consumers calculate their carbon footprint consistent with the best science and international standards. The AMEE API provides access to the most up-to-date carbon and environmental data. Applications and solutions that are “powered by AMEE” help ensure compliance with authoritative international standards.

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