AMEE creates content distribution channel for proprietary life-cycle models with Ecoinvent partnership


AMEE, the carbon standards aggregation platform, has launched its first access to proprietary models with ecoinvent “life cycle inventory” (LCI) data, accelerating its breadth and position as the world’s most comprehensive, single source for the most up to date carbon and environmental data.

New datasets include: agriculture, energy supply, transport, biofuels & biomaterials, bulk & speciality chemicals, construction materials, packaging materials, basic & precious metals, metals processing, ICT & electronics as well as waste treatment.

The ecoinvent Centre offers one of the most comprehensive international LCI databases currently available. Its high-quality LCI datasets are based on industrial data and have been compiled by internationally renowned research institutes and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) consultants.

Behind the ecoinvent Centre there are more than 20 years of experience in the LCA methodology development and LCI data compilation for different industrial sectors.

Gavin Starks, CEO and Founder of AMEE “Ecoinvent data is a very valuable addition to AMEE’s neutral aggregation platform, and is useful for any organisation looking for robust and broad Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data, as well as measurement of the carbon impact of Supply Chains. The AMEE platform now delivers this world-leading data seamlessly together with other international methodologies, providing a one-stop library for all standards and carbon reporting frameworks. AMEE partners now have greater access to handle extensive modelling and data-mining.”

Bo Weidema, Executive Manager of ecoinvent Centre “We are delighted to be collaborating with AMEE and look forward to engaging with its partners and clients.”

About ecoinvent

ecoinvent is the world’s leading supplier of consistent & transparent life cycle/lifecycle inventory (LCI) data, providing the most relevant, reliable, transparent and globally accessed LCI data. The database has more than 4,000 industrial life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets to assist every-day work related (but not limited) to Integrated Product Policy (IPP), Design for Environment (DfE), Environmental,  Management Systems (EMS), and Product Stewardship.

About AMEE

AMEE’s vision is to connect the world’s carbon data. Its comprehensive web-services enable anyone to understand, calculate and share their carbon footprint. AMEE operates the world’s only search engine designed for Carbon standards, covering international, public and proprietary methodologies. The AMEE API provides access to the most up-to-date carbon and environmental data. ECA, EEM and EH&S software providers (e.g. Intelex, SAS, Carbonetworks, Carbon Hub), and governments (e.g. DECC) work with AMEE to ensure compliance with authoritative international standards.

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