Happy holidays from AMEE

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As the year draws to a close, I want to thank all of AMEE’s friends and colleagues for your support and share with you some highlights from recent months.

First, we have established AMEE as the largest, most comprehensive and accurate source of environmental standards on the web.

AMEE now includes all the world’s major standards, including GHG Protocol, EPA mandatory ruling, IPCC data, and DEFRA. We have also broadened our scope; in addition to carbon emissions, AMEE now covers all greenhouse gases, energy, energy efficiency, water, and waste.

We have expanded our coverage. AMEE took an enormous step into the life cycle analysis space this year with the inclusion of the ecoinvent, Carnegie Mellon, CLM (food) and the ICE (construction) data sets. We added benchmarking data and forged groundbreaking content partnerships with the Carbon Disclosure Project, World Resources Institute, Trucost and others.

At the start of 2010, AMEE had 100,000 data items in our platform. Today we have over 8 million.

We have released several exciting new products. The world’s only search engine for environmental standards, AMEE Explorer provides easy access to the wealth of information contained within the AMEE platform, as well as over 1,000 built-in calculators for generating quick results. No wonder Popular Science calls AMEE Explorer “the smartest carbon calculator.”

AMEE Audit enables sustainability practitioners to benefit from AMEE’s comprehensive data with zero technical integration. We look forward to our upcoming customer trials and the release of new functionality that includes sophisticated workflow tools.

Product development continues apace. As we continue our strategic planning, we’d love to hear from you about your own sustainability goals for 2011. Please take a moment to complete a one-minute survey.

Share your thoughts on top sustainability goals for the new year…

Our hard work is paying off in increased usage. With over 2,000 API keys out in the wild, and over 2 million auditable footprints computed, we believe that we are one of the most used environmental platforms in the world. You can now use AMEE to calculate the impact of over 8 million processes, (e.g., producing cement), actions (e.g., flying in a Boeing 747-300) and products (e.g., Toyota Prius).

These efforts are also paying off in increased recognition. AMEE has been honored with a number of prestigious awards in the past year:

These awards are humbling, and of course much thanks go to the partners who have helped us reach this exciting point. AMEE’s mission to provide access to the world’s most timely, comprehensive and accurate environmental data becomes ever more urgent and relevant as the world wakes to the immense sustainability challenges that lie ahead. 2011 promises to be our best year yet, and we look forward to your continued support.

Best wishes,


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