Latest release of AMEE explorer brings greater ease of use

The most recent release of AMEE explorer combines a number of usability enhancements that simplify the task of browsing our database of millions of environmental standards and metrics.

The most dramatic change is the layout of the search results page. By bringing more metadata directly into the search results, we’ve made the task of browsing for information easier and faster. A typical search result now contains the following info:

  • A summary of the data item or methodology
  • Provenance info indicating the original source of the data or methodology (e.g., the Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • A list of standards to which the search result belongs (e.g., IPCC)
  • A list of applicable tags to facilitate further browsing

In addition, search results contain a link to similar items, allowing users to refine their searches and narrow in on the correct info.

The release also contains a host of small bug fixes and other usability improvements. Individually the changes are subtle, but together they should make the information in AMEE explorer easier to read and to navigate.

More changes like this are on the way. Our mission is to have the most comprehensive and accurate database of environmental metrics in the world, but we also want to make sure that the data is easy to find and use. We look forward to your feedback as our tool set continues to grow and evolve.

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