What impact does drinking tea after the royal wedding vows have on the environment?

The national grid states that they’re expecting 400,000 kettles to be switched on after Kate and William have said their vows, but what impact will this surge have on our carbon emissions?

The science team at AMEE have came up with an approximate figure.

Using standard school physics you can calculate the energy supplied to a kettle of water. Specifically the energy required to heat 1 litre of water from 10 to 100 degrees Celsius is 0.105kWh.  This value was confirmed by measuring the energy used by the AMEE office kettle. If we multiply our kettle’s energy usage by 400,000 we get the total energy used by all those kettles. This comes out as 42000kWh.

What does this mean for the environment? Well, the national grid carbon intensity is 0.54kg of carbon dioxide emitted per kWh consumed. So, if we multiply our total energy use by our carbon intensity we have our Royal Wedding, post vows tea drinking, Carbon Footprint – a staggering 22.7 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.

That’s the equivalent CO2 emissions from a person making 16 trans-atlantic return flights from London to New York or the CO2 emissions from approximately 23, 10 metre wide, hot air balloons – now that would be quite a sight over Buckingham Palace.

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