Competition Time for App Developers

If you’re a developer with an interest in climate change or sustainability in general, there are two exciting competitions out there at the moment that you might want to have a go at.

For US residents, the EPA Apps for the Environment challenge is all about building apps that use EPA data. Alternatively, for the rest of the world, the ITU’s Green ICT Application challenge want you to build pretty much any application that might help combat climate change. Both are open for submissions now; the EPA challenge closes on September 16, and the ITU proposal deadline is on July 15. The prizes are pretty cool, with trips to DC or even the COP17 conference in Durban up for grabs.

What’s AMEE’s part in all this you ask? Well, we have a whole universe of relevant data for you (including stuff from the EPA), and we’re offering free developer accounts to any entrant for the duration of these challenges. Just sign up and send us an email if you want to take advantage, and good luck!

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