Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE)

The Inventory of Carbon & Energy v2.0 or ICE v2.0 is now available within the AMEE platform. It is just one of over 300 environmental methodologies published by standards bodies that is automatically tracked by AMEE.



ICE, is a life cycle dataset representing a wide range of building and construction materials and represents both the carbon emissions and the embodied energy of a product/material – the total primary energy consumed before operational use. It is published by the Sustainable Energy Research Team (SERT) at the University of Bath, UK.

Amongst the improvements in ICE v2.0 data are:

  1. The majority of data has been converted to CO2e which captures more than just CO2 (e.g. CH4, PFC’s)
  2. The CO2 embodied in timber materials are now separated into fossil- and biogenic- CO2.
  3. Improvements in the embodied data for copper, carpets, paint, roads, rubber, sealants and adhesives, soil and stone.
  4. Data for recycled glass is now available.

AMEE keeps you connected to the most recent information.


Data driven decision making is crucial in the clean technology and sustainability sectors and increasingly, environmental leaders are understanding the importance of timely, accurate and consistent information in reducing and reporting accurately greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether it is Defra,  WRI, EPA, or IPCC, AMEE is focused on ensuring that you have the right information and the right tools to make the best possible decisions in the management and reporting of environmental sustainability.


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