AMEE provides the Timeliness, Accuracy and Consistency necessary for Effective Environmental Information Management

Environmental standards change all the time. They are updated by various public/private sources at various times of the year. It is not easy to keep track of all the changes, let alone incorporate those changes into existing environmental measurement tools/software.

This month Defra (UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) published their July 2011 report, which updated various carbon emissions factors. Before they published the update, they worked with AMEE to ensure that the revised emissions were accurate and consistent.

In fact before publication, the revisions went thorough the AMEEsure™ process. AMEEsure™ is AMEE’s quality assurance process that we use to be absolutely positive that everything in our platform is always accurate, consistent and up to date. In effect, Defra used the AMEEsure™ process to make certain that the revised emissions factors were right.

The revised 2011 factors are now in the AMEE platform. What does this mean? It means that applications or software tools plugged into AMEE will automatically have the latest factors when carbon emissions calculations are performed. There not need to be any worries about which factors have changed or the hassle of revising existing applications to reflect the updates. AMEE has eliminated those worries.

Defra is just one of over 300 environmental standards that are automatically tracked by AMEE. Whether it is WRI, EPA, IPCC, or EMEP/EEA, if changes are made AMEE will know and we put the changes through our AMEEsure™ process and update our platform.


AMEE keeps you connected to the most recent information


Time and effort should be put on reducing the impact of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, not worrying about whether factors are up to date and reflected in spreadsheets or applications.   Increasingly, environmental leaders are understanding the importance of timely, accurate and consistent information in reducing and reporting accurately greenhouse gas emissions.

Effective use of information is the “next big thing” in clean technology and sustainability, and AMEE is at the cutting edge of this innovation. AMEE is focused on ensuring that you have the right information and the right tools to make the best possible decisions in the management and reporting of environmental sustainability.

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