BP uses AMEE for Olympic project

BP have launched simple to use tools that help you to understand how much carbon you emit, and take steps to reduce it.

Target Neutral is a ‘not for profit’ scheme that aims to help reduce your own carbon footprint from travel and save yourself money.

BP Target Neutral is a London 2012 Sustainability Partner and the Official Carbon Offset Partner of the London 2012 Games.

“Together we can tackle much of the transport-related carbon emissions generated by the Games and the athletes and spectators.”

The first tool has a simple ‘number plate look-up’ facility which provides a quick and accurate carbon footprint specific to your car model as well as measuring your footprint from your air, train and bus travel.

All the calculations are performed by AMEE, and you can read about each methodology using AMEEdiscover: CarPlaneTrain –  BusTube

The second tool is unique to motorists by allowing you to explore what changes you could make and calculate the effect that each change could have on your carbon footprint, and shows you how the average UK motorist can save a tonne of carbon and over £600 per year simply by changing driving style – and then neutralising their remaining travel footprint for an average cost of just £20 per year.

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