Introducing AMEEappkit

Here at AMEE, we like to make life easier for our developer community, and we’re also committed to Open Source. Therefore, it always makes us happy when we can release new things out into the community, and today we’re releasing the first parts of AMEEappkit, our open source rapid application development toolkit.

Built on top of the popular Ruby on Rails web framework, AMEEappkit is a set of modules  we use to quickly build applications on top of AMEEconnect. This helps us compress the innovation process so we can deliver value more quickly to customers, expedite development for our partners, and help make us all smarter about how we manage environmental resources.

The AMEEappkit consists of a number of linked Ruby gems which plug together to provide a complete framework for webapps that include AMEE’s environmental intelligence. Today, we’re releasing as open source the two most important components; Data Abstraction and Data Persistence.

  • Data Abstraction lets you define calculation sets using a simple Domain Specific Language (DSL) and handles performing calculations with them, simplifying app development by removing a lot of repeated code.
  • Data Persistence ties all this into ActiveRecord to quickly add local storage and caching of data to your app.

Over the next little while, we’ll be releasing more modules covering more advanced application areas. Soon the entire developer community will be able to build AMEEapps as quickly as we can. Stay tuned!

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