WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) data updated within the AMEE platform.

Updated data from the World Resources Institute (WRI), GHG Protocol (GHGP) tools is now available within the AMEE platform.

This release contains data from the World Resources Institute (2008), GHG Protocol tool for:

  1. Mobile combustion. Version 2.2

  2. GHG emissions from purchased electricity Version 4.2

If you are using GHGP data via AMEE we have already updated it for you ensuring that your applications or software tools plugged into AMEE will automatically have the latest factors when carbon emissions calculations are performed.

AMEE has been actively involved in the review of emissions data from the WRI.  Using our AMEEsure process we were able to check and verify the data used in the WRI calculation tools.

The protocols & calculation tools from the WRI are monitored as part of a wider programme which covers over 300 environmental methodologies published by standards bodies and are automatically tracked by AMEE.

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