Launching the new AMEE website – and much more!

At the end of 2010 Gavin posted that AMEE had become the most comprehensive and accurate source of environmental standards on the web.

Since then we’ve improved and expand our services. So we’re excited to launch this new website that better communicates the value AMEE provides and enables us to showcase all the great things the team has been doing!

The website showcases 4 new key developments:

1. New Product Names
We’ve changed the names of our core products to better describe what they do

2. New AMEE Developer Center
Three months ago James Smith became AMEE’s Platform Evangelist. Since then he’s led a big step to update our technical documentation — making it our services much easier to understand and use. These changes include:

3. The AMEE appkit
Within the Developer Center, this is a open-source set of modules we use to quickly build applications on top of AMEEconnect. This enables us and our development partners to innovate more quickly.

4. Published Case Studies
We have published 6 case studies to showcase some of the customer success we have and provide concrete examples of how AMEE delivers value. These new developments, communicated via the new website, are just some of the steps we have taken over the last months to increase innovation, enhance our customers’ experience, and strengthen the quality of our services. As a result, we’ve added significant new customers including BP and BBC/BAFTA — great steps towards realising our Vision of Environmental intelligence – Everywhere.

We’re Growing

Contact us to let us know what you think and stay tuned to new developments as we continue to grow, innovate and execute our Mission to aggregate and automate access to the world’s environmental and energy information.

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