CleanWebHack and AMEE

This weekend is the inaugural CleanWeb Hackathon in San Fransisco! Unfortunately we can’t be physically present, but we will be at the other end of during the event, and on twitter (@AMEEdev) if you are using AMEEconnect and need some help. We’ve also written a developer intro PDF that will give you a quick idea of what AMEE can do for you.

Our friends Genability have written a great blog post with some hack ideas that involve both our APIs, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to check it out.

As a special bonus, if you’re attending the event and using AMEEconnect, enter the code CLEANWEBHACK in the organisation field when you sign up, and we’ll give you access to all our premium content as well as the standard stuff; that’s over 8 million items!

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