Greenhouse gases are changing the world’s environment.  Whether you believe it or not, doing nothing is not a good bet.  I believe the best way to have a massive impact on climate change is to engage consumers and businesses in a big way.  To get people engaged in a meaningful way  we need to develop simple, intuitive and accurate ways to understand how their actions impact carbon emissions and what can be done to reduce those emissions.

The secret to making a big impact, in my view, is for the creative developers of the world to build applications/experiences/apps that help consumers and businesses better understand the environmental impact of their actions,  and inform them on what they can do to reduce reduce the damage to our environment.

At AMEE, we have AMEEconnect, a platform with a rich, RESTful API and an open sourced AMEEappkit to accelerate building applications.  We also have AMEEdiscover to help developers understand the many different sources of data that are available to use to build useful tools.

We believe that it is so important that we bring transparency and understanding to how individuals and businesses impact carbon emissions, we are inviting any developer who wants to hack and build interesting environmental tools to use our office.   We are located near the Silicon Roundabout in Tech City.  Just contact me at and we will organise a place for you.

We’ve got an entire planet to move to a low carbon economy before it’s too late, and we’re building the tools to show how to get there, right here. The UK Government, big businesses like SAP, BP, global charities like UNICEF and innovative creative agencies like Wieden + Kennedy have all stepped up to the challenge.  What can you do? You want to hack on that, or keep throwing sheep?

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