How can technology affect social & environmental change?

I’m a panelist on The Guardian’s “live panel” discussion on Wednesday 28 September 2-4pm (BST).

Fujitsu’s second annual global benchmark report of ICT sustainability concludes that:

“As we found in 2010, there is a relative lack of maturity of ICT sustainability policies, practices and technologies. Although some industries and countries are maturing … the overall performance is relatively low.

“Not only is the maturity low, the overall index has declined slightly from 2010, indicating that some of the buzz has gone from green IT, and that it is not being given priority or initiatives have begun to come unstuck.”

Questions we will be addressing include;

How can companies look to enable positive change through their technological advances? What can businesses do to improve their social impact, particularly in the developing world, and how can we apply new technology in sustainable ways?

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